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On this page, we will share some links to services that travelers need. If you are looking for places to visit, please try our Find a Place search!

Lodging and Food Establishments




Sleeping Bear Birding Trail


The Trails of  M-22


Lake Michigan Coastal Tour / M-22 Scenic Drive

Throughout the year visitors and locals alike flock to Michigan’s west coast to experience some of the most  picturesque landscape that Mother Nature has to offer.  In the fall, vibrant colors and farm markets line the road of this scenic highway. Manistee County is the gateway to the Scenic Michigan Highway M-22.  Begin your journey in Manistee County and drive north along Lake Michigan. Traffic will slow down and you will quickly realize you and your fellow travelers are all on this road to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. https://www.visitmanisteecounty.com/project/lakemichigancoastaltour

Manistee County Coastal Fall Color Tour

Manistee County is home to diverse fall color. With the seasonal temperatures, Lake Michigan and inland terrain variations, we have “two” fall color seasons that are usually about a week or so apart with the inland terrain peaking prior to the coastline peaking.  This is great for tourists and locals alike, as they get a little more enjoyment of our regions spectacular fall foliage. https://www.visitmanisteecounty.com/project/inland-fall-color-self-guided-tour